Rick Ross, Young Jeezy Clash BACKSTAGE At BET Awards

The 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards were held in Atlanta last night and somebody forgot that keep Rick Ross and Young Jeezy as far away possible from each other on the seating arrangement. During the taping of last night’s show, the two artists and their entourages crossed paths and an altercation ensued.

“According to our sources, Ross and Jeezy exchanged words backstage and started pushing and shoving each other. We’re told BET security and bodyguards for each of the rappers eventually separated the two. Our sources on the scene say that after the fight had been broken up, a member of Rick Ross’ entourage pulled out a gun while in the parking lot and shots were fired. It is unclear if the man was arrested.” [TMZ]

Although last night Twitter said shots were fired, a spokesman for Atlanta PD told TMZ that information appeared to be “untrue.”

Jeezy and Ross’ dislike for each other may be one of the least talked about beefs in raps because it’s one of the least rapped about ones as well. Both guys fashion themselves as street dudes – Ross, the more fictional type, and Jeezy, his ties to BMF can at least be confirmed – so seldom are words spoken on records and, if they are, the shots are subtle. But there’s no secret they do not like each other.

The odds of them actin’ up while occupying the same space? High. The artists should have given their entourage and security stronger orders heading into the event, but these were the “Hip-Hop Awards” and not the Grammys. To a rapper (or at least the people in their circles), the shit ain’t nothing more than Saturday night at the Compound amped up by 1,000. The folks leading the annual fish fry probably should have been more alert.

Whatever happened inside the Atlanta Civic Center corridors, we do not expect Ross to admit that it ever took place, given his history of denial. However, we have credible Hip-Hop witnesses who can corroborate the events. Below, DJ Drama gives his firsthand account on the radio last night.

Read more: http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2012/09/rick-ross-young-jeezy-bet-hip-hop-awards#ixzz27zZKeyeD


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